Performance Management

We offer performance management services to clients by determining the Job Description, Key Performance Indicators(KPI), Monitoring of the KPIs, conduct Performance appraisal for clients’ employees in collaboration with the line managers and Sectoral Heads. We provide a holistic advisory service in this capacity and this eventually translate to optimum productivity, profit maximization, employees’ motivation and retention.


We engage clients in the full cycle of performance management as indicated below:


                We collaborate with Departmental or Unit Head employees’ performance plans. In the course of this, we determine assessable goals that align with the clients’ strategic and operational plans and consult with their employees when creating these goals. This gives an ample  opportunity to explain to employees how their performance directly impact on how the company and various units will achieve their goals.   

                 We monitor performance on a continuous basis throughout the appraisal period to enhance positive outcome of employees successfully achieving the company’s objectives and goals. It also provides the opportunity for line managers to make employees aware of their progress in the course of performing their duties. We engage in periodic review to enable the Director, Departmental or Unit Head to identify the problem early and introduce a recovery plan before the end of the performance cycle.

We update company’s management so that they can use the knowledge gained from monitoring the employees performance during the appraisal period to compare the actual performance against the expected or required performance and assign a performance rating as specified in the performance management policy.

Employees will be informed of their performance after the appraisal. They will be encouraged to sustain their area(s) of strength and improve in areas that would require enhancement. Those who perform outstandingly will be positively reinforced with approved reward elements by the client. We ensure that the client notifies employees of the status of their performance.