Human Resources Development

            We work with the clients to identify the competency gap or training needs and recommend the appropriate training that will bridge the gap and build the require capacity for optimum productivity.

                    We also provide
preparatory classes for candidates preparing for professional examinations.
Currently, we provide tutorial classes for the following professional

                                              a.       Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), United Kingdom

                                              b.      Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

                                              c.       Chartered Institute of Personnel Management.

                                              d.      Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered)

                                              e.       Other professional examinations that may be undertaken from time to time.

This is provided for students in all levels of education: Primary 1 -6 pupils, Junior Secondary School students and Senior Secondary School students.

We provide tutorial classes for students in the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences in general and particularly students in Human Resources and Psychology Departments in Universities .

We also provide mentoring and coaching to students with special needs and special educational needs.